Put Succinctly, Everything!

Hello again! It has been a long time since I published my first article. Things have changed a lot since then. A close friend of mine asked me a simple question –

“What is your favorite part of contributing to openSUSE?”
“Put succinctly, everything!” I said

It is a simple question but with no easy answer. I love the way I am introduced to opensource community through openSUSE. Contributing to openSUSE surely made me feel special. My sincere thanks and genuine appreciation to my mentors Antonio Larrosa, Cornelius Schumacher, and openSUSE team for their constant support and feedback.

The Work I Have Done So Far

It is mid term evaluation already! Let’s swift through the work I done so far.
Milestones Crossed/Achieved

  • Port the application to use Qt5 instead of Qt4
  • Introduce translation architecture using KF5I18N (KI18n)
  • Improve localization
  • Replace system calls with library calls to get package information

Git/GitHub Statistics

  • 1,307 ++ / 429-­- LOC
  • 33 Commits
  • 6 Pull Requests

The Work I Have Yet To Complete

  • Replace system calls with library calls to install packages
  • Handle conflicts and dependencies in the back-end
  • Better progress interface
  • Show which repository each package is coming from

Please click on continue reading below to know more about the work I’ve done. I once again thank my mentors Antonio Larrosa, and Cornelius Schumacher for their guidance and critique. It has been great working on One Click Installer so far and I hope it will be the same in the future as well. Thank you.

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